NEP Certified

Introduction of "NEP" Certification

- Korea Government award NEP)New Excellent Product) certification only for the product which was developed 1st or equivalient technology after strict verification.
This authorized certification system is to help sales increase and support R&D investment.

The Benefit of "NEP Certification"

- Each Public Procurement Div. should buy 20%(duty) for the equivalent products without BID.
(Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act. Industry Trade Relations Agency) Hana's NEP product's

Related Korea Raw for 20% duty procurement for NEP Certified Product

- Article 17 of the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotio and the Implement Act Article 17, 28., Procurement Promotion of new products(NEP, 2014-198 Industrial Trade Material Agency → ITMA.

How to buy NEP product

- The Minister of ITMA guide a new Product Certification Support System via the New Products Certification Support Center or a new Product Information Management System.
( → Hanatech Certification Code "NEP-MOTIE-2016-010") (Article 25 of the Implementation Act)